by cultivating reverent rest, purposeful presence, community connection and essential mama self-care during pregnancy and postpartum transitions. 

Take my hand, friend...because sitting with mothers in their vulnerability is my favorite place to be.


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Brittany Fitzgerald
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Momming ain't easy, but it doesn't have to be lonely. You see, as a military spouse and mama of three, I have had my fair share of lonely nights, days that felt like they would never end, tears and mom guilt. So I set myself to work learning and researching what it means to serve my family and yours from a heart-centered place of peace.

Passionate about my calling, I hold many titles and certifications that allow me to breath life into families in my community, but the title I hold most dear is

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my life

• Anywhere good coffee is served (as long as there is heavy cream to go with it because mama deserves nice things)
• Enjoying leisurely walks around the neighborhood

• At home in the kitchen cooking from scratch with my family

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why I serve mamas like you

• Too many books (if there is such a many books, so little time)

• Making memories with my three amazing children

• Binge watching Netflix (it's Supernatural for me)...with my husband Chris who serves in the U.S. Air Force

• Romping around with my favorite puppy dogs- Sierra and Mina. 

my life is full of...

In some cultures, postpartum is a time of relaxation, healing, stillness. People surround the new mother to keep her warm, fed, hydrated and in good spirits. The housework gets done, the older children are cared for, special food is made with love while Mama gets to know the new little soul she worked so hard to grow and bring earthside. 

In the U.S., we sadly do not have an "American" way of swooping in to care for new moms.

that's where I come in...

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