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While some insurance companies and policies may cover childbirth education as a reimbursable expense, I cannot guarantee what kind of benefits you may receive. However, I am happy to provide an itemized receipt after payment in full if you would like to submit a request for reimbursement. I also have a few tricks for disputing claim denials, including form letters and phone scripts for you to use. Additionally, many families have good luck receiving reimbursement from their Health Savings Plans (HSA).

what payment options are available?

INSURANCE, Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending

My birth & baby prep course is everything you need to be ready for birth and baby...all in one place, including:

  • physical, nutritional, emotional, and spiritual preparation for birth, baby and beyond (for the whole family)
  • lactation education and prenatal consult with a CLC
  • car seat safety (and installation)
  • newborn care, sleep and soothing techniques
  • early childhood development
  • financial planning for new parents
  • pediatric first aide & CPR education

Most of these one day workshops average approximately $150 per 3 hour session so while you may experience a bit of sticker shock at first, this series actually saves you money in the long-run and eliminates the need to piece together a bunch of workshops to ensure you're ready for Baby.

Plus, you gather with the same classmates, in the same classroom with the same instructor and all the supplies and materials you need to be successful.

You will have access to your holistic, online content modules for one year after your enrollment period begins. PLUS, we spend over thirty academic hours together in-person (more than any other birth class that I know of), preparing YOU to have an empowered birth experience AND be the badass mama you were meant to be, all you have to do is show up.

payment plans

Please don't allow finances to be the only reason you pass up the opportunity to join this incredible, holistic motherhood support community.

I am happy to provide custom payment plans with a 20% deposit to begin your registration and automatic payments scheduled throughout the entire enrollment period. Terms of Services (signed up registration) and cancelation policies apply.

I am always willing to discuss barter or trade arrangements of equal value. Barter "payments" will be arranged in the same manner as cash payments as listed above.

bartering and trading of services

needs-based assistance and scholarship funds

Occasionally, as I am blessed by others- I have a small amount of funds available to pay-it-forward to those in need and I offer a handful of needs-based tuition reduction allotments throughout the year. If you believe you might fall into this category, please understand that your financial situation will be kept confidential and once enrolled, your student experience will be honored just as any other paying participant. 

If you are committed to attending and doing the hard work physically, mentally and spiritually to be ready for birth and baby, please reach out and let's figure out how to make this work for you!

Please do, I truly value the input of experienced parents within our gatherings.

I promise, you won't find a birth and baby prep course like this anywhere else so even if you can already taken a birth class or given birth, you will learn something new. To be honest, even if you have taken this exact course previously, you will likely still have a lot of self-exploration to work through, especially if you are planning a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) or have previous birth trauma. Remember, every pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience is unique, regardless of how many times you have been through it.

My courses are designed to be educational, inspirational and empowering. and walk with you on the journey, no matter where you are on the motherhood path because matrescence is a life-long journey, we never meant to truly "arrive," we simply help each other along the way. Together, we explore the transformational awakening known as MATRESCENCE- the physical, emotional, spiritual, hormonal, and social changes that occur each time one becomes a mother. 

The fact is, moms need moms. Let's do this motherhood thing together.

This course is definitely right for you if:

  • You're in your late first/early second trimester and eager to get started building your "mom village."
  • You just can't get enough of learning about all the things on this motherhood journey (but you're not quite sure if you're reading all the right stuff because it's so overwhelming to sort through everyone's opinions to find the real facts).
  • You have a parenting partner who is ready to learn and be involved as well (This person doesn't have to be an intimate partner, but can be a mother, sibling or friend who is committed to supporting you through pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting).
  • This may not be your first pregnancy, but you're dedicated to making this pregnancy, birth and postpartum different (better!) than previous experience.
  • If you're willing and ready to take charge and do the hard work physically, emotionally, and spiritually to prepare for birth and parenting... 

    Whether you are planning a hospital or home birth, medicated or unmedicated birth, a vaginal birth or cesarean, an induction or natural birth or simply planning a different birthing experience than your last...childbirth education is for you!

i am not a first-time mother, can i still join your programs?

*Sidenote: if I'm being realREAL, my course may NOT actually be for you...because you'll be spending a lot of time with whichever childbirth educator your choose and you want to find the perfect fit, just like you would for your OB/midwife or doula.) And that means this course isn't for everyone.

If you:

  • Are closer than 8 weeks until your due date
  • Don't have a lot of time outside of class to complete online lessons and homework
  • Have to beg your partner to come with you to class or just can't make schedules work
  • Just want basic labor prep or you're only taking a class because it's on your pre-baby checklist...

    This course probably isn't a good fit and with a few details about your expectations & learning style, this quiz will point you in the right direction. Ditch the overwhelm and Google-search sleuthing...By sharing a little bit about yourself, your learning preferences and birth priorities, you'll get paired with the best birth class to meet your needs (with contact information for your recommended instructor). because th
    ere are so many incredible childbirth education options in the Spokane, WA and Coeur D'Alene, ID area. And that's a win-win-win for everyone. Because community over competition, that's why.

    So, which Spokane birth class is right for you?


I hear you...I WAS you during my first pregnancy. But that free hospital class I took was BORING. (Sit down, shut up and listen to a nurse read information from her little booklet + watch out-dated VHS tapes). It told me in no uncertain terms who was in charge of my birth and my baby (hint: it wasn't me). It wasn't tailored to my specific birthing was one size fits all (and birth is FAR from one size fits all).

Most importantly, it did not prepare me for when birth plans change. I didn't receive any information on baby care, early parenting or postpartum recovery/expectations. I didn't learn how to use my voice to advocate for myself, use informed consent or even that alternatives exist. There was no sense of community among the participants, no shared meals, no comfy couches, no talk of prenatal preparation, nothing to be excited about.

My programs are a combination of:
-"Man, I wish I would have known that"
-PLUS "I SO would have done that differently if I had a redo"
-PLUS "I sure could have used an expert in my back pocket back then"

why should i invest in a full program when the birth class at the hospital is free/less expensive?

It's {seriously} everything you need to be ready for birth and baby...all in one place. Because you deserve a birth class that has a special place in your pregnancy memories (that doesn't feel like a bore or a chore).

I was so lonely in the beginning of my pregnancies...I had questions, but I didn't feel welcome in prenatal groups until much later into my pregnancy. That's why I am changing the way we do childbirth education. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I believe the sooner you start building your community during pregnancy, the sooner you can start taking steps to keep your pregnancy healthy, prepare for labor, care for your baby confidently and joyously embrace motherhood with a "village" by your side. 

I can't promise you a "perfect birth" (if there is such a thing), but you will walk away from this class with the knowledge, wisdom and confidence to make the best decisions for yourself, your partner and your baby (and that's the real secret to having the perfect birth *for you*).

The truth is, this isn't just a birth class. 

  • Sure, we will review all the "birthy stuff" you expect to learn in a birth class, but I teach with the end-game in mind- because getting the baby out of your body is just one (or two) days and it's honestly the easy part (believe it or not), but you will be a parent for the rest of your life (and that shit is HARD...take it from a seasoned mama of three).
  • That's why this course walks with you every step of the way from learning self-advocacy skills during pregnancy, to establishing healthy relationships with food, mother figures and your own body image, to breathing and relaxation techniques you can use during labor but will come in handy when your toddler just spilled your pumpkin cream cold brew and is blocking the exit at Target with a tantrum of epic proportions.
  • We will talk about the transformation awakening you are probably already feeling stirring in your bones- it's called matrescence and it means every single aspect of your life, brain, body, relationships and the way you exist in the world is radically changing.
  • I will tell you how to manage that first postpartum poo, get fast relief for those hemorrhoids and how to have good sex during "life after baby" (when you're ready, of course). 
  • We will strengthen your relationship with your support person, eat good food every session and you'll be warmly embraced into our "mom village" for on-going support on your motherhood journey.
  • PLUS, while you're running around for all those monthly well-baby checks, you might start to get the feeling that nobody cares about YOU anymore. Well, my friend, I CARE- and that is why this course include "Well-Mama Checks" 3,6,9 and 12 months won't find THAT from a free hospital class.

Short answer, because they're the actual bee's knees and totally worth it (time and money) (But don't just take my word for it, you can read what my previous students have to say about this in my Google reviews here).

Long answer: Because it's a true investment in yourself. Most people spend months or even years planning their wedding day and next to no real time planning their birth. My friend, you will always remember your Birthing Day... make it worth remembering fondly by investing in the experience and your own education.

Because I believe in the power of childbirth preparation so much (and because I believe in YOU so much), I just can't help giving you ALLTHETHINGS you need to be successful in the course, have an empowering birth experience and become the badass mama you're meant to be. The more feedback I get from students, the more I add and tweak a program to benefit future participants. And that usually means adding access to additional bonus content, sneaking more goodies into your birth bag or gifting you my favorite audio books.

I can't help it. I'm a giver like that.

why are your programs such a significant investment?

Fortunately for you, that means you'll never have to look elsewhere for anything you need.

So, if you're a bit of an over-achiever, an avid list-maker/note-taker, appreciate punny mom-jokes and won't judge me if I say "what the hell" too much...I've got a giant bag of pregnancy, labor, postpartum and parenting tools and goodies with your name on it. 

This is a unique and exclusive birth and baby preparation experience and that means that on top of my ten years of experience and various certifications and trainings to help me serve families like yours, I have also spend hours upon hours writing, designing, recording, improving this course and managing our course community. (One could even say, "gestating" to "birth" this course into the world" 

So, while I make it my main goal to serve and spoil my students, your registration costs also includes my expertise, time invested in the online modules, in-person instructional hours and on-going support, class supplies and bonus content, your incredible, beautifully designed student coursebook/journal and quick reference flipbook and nutrient-dense, whole-foods-based, home-cooked meals during each class. 

What can I say? It's a whole vibe. You gotta experience it to understand.


The good news is, all the informational content is available through online modules (8 modules with over 40 hours of content) so you can listen to them podcast style or sit down together and watch prior to attending class.

Even though every session includes hypno-relaxation practice, guided meditation, physical fitness, and sharing a class meal together, what makes the birth & baby prep course unique to all other curriculums is that I have separated the "logistical" hands-on partner workshops from the more "intuitive" pregnancy gatherings.

We do all the hard work and foundational learning before class (via holistic, informational online modules, third-party bonus content and expert guest interviews) so we have time for the hands-on, reflection, birth art, demonstrations, small group work, fun games and relaxation/comfort measures practice in class.

my partner has limited they have to come to every class?

Your partner will attend 3 full-day (five hours, including breaks and mealtime) workshops with you, where we will review tangible tools for pregnancy, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding and parenting. These workshops are held every third class in the series and include a 30-minute exclusive partner yoga series.

This is all the stuff you would expect from a typical childbirth class and more. Together you will learn how to spot the various stages of labor and how you to work and rest together as you move through each phase of labor. You will learn not just the tools you need to give birth with confidence but walk away with answers to all your questions about postpartum, breastfeeding, newborn care, and early parenting as well.

PLUS I have added 5 intimate pregnancy-only gatherings (15 hours) that are just for you!

These sessions are more about mental and spiritual preparation, self-exploration, understanding emotional obstacles and offering you a path to your personal power from within. Partners do not attend these sessions (so no need to squeeze them into the schedule or convince them to show up for the whole series) but they are encouraged to watch the online modules with your and help facilitate time/space for you to move through these deeply spiritual concepts as you draw closer to your birthing time.

Included in your course enrollment, is your comprehensive lactation education course, which is completely online (for easier access to refer back to in the middle of the night when Baby just won't latch..) as well as a private prenatal consultation with a Certified Lactation Counselor and attendance if her Breastfeeding Basics class (if desired). 

Upon completion of the course, you will be invited back  with your partner and Guest-of-Honor for a Birthing Day Celebration and Class Reunion (your new baby) to celebrate your birthing story (with cupcakes and gifts for the whole family). You will pre-schedule your "well-mama checks" for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months postpartum and be granted VIP access to "The Birth of a Mother"  12 month Holistic Matrescence Support program which includes monthly online content modules, live group motherhood coaching calls and private consultations.

So moral of the story is this, YES- I hope that your partner is dedicated, in-tune and willing to support you in every way possible as you experience the transformational awakening known as matrescence, but they don't have to be physically present at every single class because they can't do the work for you, they can't birth your baby for you (nobody can), so in the end- this program is for you. Honor your journey. Allow yourself to dive deeply. 

Girl, same. Give me allllthedeets, right? I GET IT... I understand that this series is a big commitment, both in time and finances and you want to make sure it's a *perfect fit"

Since we spend more time together in class than you will see you midwife/OB, I'll treat you to a cup of coffee while we get to know each other via a FREE, no-obligation 1 hour consultation.

I am so invested in my students and your experience, so I want to learn about your specific needs, your birthing goals, your love story, your previous birth stories and answer any questions or concerns you may have before enrolling. But if you're anything like me, you probably want to peek at the itinerary before taking that first step then we are probably more alike than you think. So here ya go, my Type-A Planner Friend:

i'm such a planner....
can I take a peek at
the syllabus?

Session 1 (Partner workshop): Foundational course concepts, prenatal anatomy and maternal positioning, birth values, informed consent, and theories of pain

Session 2 (Pregnancy-only): History of birth and cultural expectations, understanding maternity care, building your prenatal team, prenatal stress & mental health, protecting your birth bubble

Session 3 (Pregnancy-only): Food relationships & traditions, the pregnancy experience, body image & sexuality, reproductive anatomy, nesting, signs of labor

Session 4 (Partner workshop): Pregnancy complications, due dates & inductions, fetal positioning, stages of labor, comfort measures & positions

Session 5 (Pregnancy-only): Confronting trauma & loss, fear release, mothering & maternal figures, self and other forgiveness and finding power within

Session 6 (Pregnancy-only): Holistic postpartum care, lying-in traditions, ayurvedic healing, tracking fertility and moon cycle-syncing

Session 7 (Last Partner Workshop): Labor expectations, variations of labor, emergency management, immediate postpartum, newborn care & The 4th Trimester, reproductive/sexual health, romance and intimacy

Session 8 (Last pregnancy gathering): Rites of Passage from maiden to mother: building your mom village, exploring female lineage, and introduction to matrescence and honoring your innate divine feminine power

Looks pretty bitchin' right? That's cuz it is.(But don't just take my word for...check out what my previous students have to say here.) Don't worry, it's all there. You'll walk away from this course not just peaceful to finish out the last few days of your pregnancy waiting for Baby, but to give birth with confidence and become the badass mama you were meant to be.

Ready to commit to yourself and start your motherhood journey off right?

Send me a note in the form above to join the wait list and schedule your consultation now.

Let's do this motherhood thing together...


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